Thursday, June 14, 2012

[Review] Biore Triple Action Toner

I remember purchasing this toner out of sheer curiosity, and I actually wasn't planning on the random splurge at all. It caught my interest, as it claimed to "cleanse, tighten & clear" your pores AND reduce surface shine. At the time, I was suffering from large pores around my nose and cheek area, because of a foundation I had used (Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation). I will also be posting a review of this up in future.  

It was my first time testing a product from Biore, and at the time - I didn't think of researching the product beforehand for reviews. I thought that it was quite a cheap price for 250mL worth of product, and wow do I absolutely regret it now. No price justification whatsoever can convince me to change my mind about this toner. Whilst a lot of people have had good experiences with this, I was not one of them. 

First Impression: I remember when I first used this toner, I was quite shocked - since it left a rather strong, minty scent. Not only this, but my skin felt as though it was prickling and burning. It was my first time using a product with salicylic acid and I merely dismissed it as my skin not being used to the new toner. I remember quite liking the "fresh" feeling it left my skin with, and I noticed that when I placed moisturiser afterwards - my skin absorbed it so much faster! 

Although I wasn't too impressed with the stingy and uncomfortable feeling, I did like how much more effective my moisturiser was - so that was a definite plus for me. I continued using it for another 2 weeks without problems, and my skin had gotten used to the strange sensation.

However, at the beginning of the second week - that was when I saw it had taken a negative toll on my skin. Whilst I wouldn't say I have "flawless" skin, but I do admit that I hardly ever have any break outs. Maybe I'd get a small pimple once every few months, but that's about it. I take care of my skin everyday, and use the same products without problems. 

But with this, at the second week I noticed that my cheek area had become rather dry and patchy looking. Even my mom commented that it was rather strange, since it was the first time my skin did not look smooth and moisturised. The cheek area itself was somewhat flaky, and translucent looking. 

Once again, I didn't think too much of it (big mistake on my part!) since I thought perhaps it's because of the Winter weather, and I simply wasn't moisturising enough. Several days later, my eyelids became extremely sensitive and scratchy. I realised that the skin of my eye area had cracked and was extremely scraggy. 

I was horrified, since it stung terribly so whenever I made even the slightest movement. Luckily for me, I quickly made the connection and stopped using the toner. After an excruciating week with my swollen, puffy and cracked eyelids - it eventually subsided. 

I knew it was because of this toner since it was the only new product I had added to my daily skin care routine. 

What I Like:
+ Helped absorb my moisturiser so much faster.
+ Left a pleasant, fresh and "clean" feeling on my skin. 
+ For the amount of product, the price is super cheap and affordable. It'll definitely last you a long time. 

What I Dislike:
+ The strong minty scent and burning feeling it left my skin with after applying. 
+ It left my skin cracked, dry and peeling especially on my eyelid area. It was a painful experience, and not something I would want to go through again. 

Overall Opinion: This was a definite "no go" product for me, and it left me with a rather bad experience. I suppose I was also partially at fault for not doing better research beforehand, and simply buying it on pure whim. Other reviews (you can find some on stated that they also experienced the same reaction on their skin as I did, so I wasn't the only one. 

At the same time, what may have not worked for me, does not mean it won't work for you. I have normal/dry skin, which is probably a good reason why my skin didn't react too well to the product. It contains salicylic acid and whilst it is a good ingredient for lightening dark spots, and exfoliation - it is quite harsh on the skin.

If you have more sensitive or drier skin, it may or may not have the same effect as it did on mine.

Would I Repurchase? No. Like I said before, nothing about the product (even it's low price) can justify such a bad experience. 


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