Monday, June 4, 2012

[Haul #1] Sasa

Hey everyone, it really has been a while! It's been over a month since I last updated this blog, and recently my package from Sasa came in the mail - so I thought, why not do a haul post? It's a little different from what I usually write, so please tell me if you guys like these as well ^_^

I absolutely love shopping at Sasa since the prices are just so cheap, and it includes a huge range of Asian Cosmetics (almost every big brand name is included :D) They also have discount/sales pretty often, and the customer service/shipping is quite reasonable and fast. 

Sasa is huge in Hong Kong, and it has quite a good reputation - so there's no need to worry about its authenticity. I live in Australia, which makes buying asian cosmetics a real pain (or any make up in general since the prices are so incredibly high!) But they do ship here quite fast, which I like. 

They also offer free shipping if you spend above $75 and express shipping above $150. It's pretty easy to go hauling on Sasa though, so it's actually not that difficult reaching $75 ^_^" This is probably both a good and bad thing.

I'll stop my rambling now, and let's get on with the haul :) 

From Left to Right: Dolly Wink Pencil Liner (Brown), Mac Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel (Dip Down), Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix, LED Mirror Leopard Print (Free Gift).

Dolly Wink Pencil Liner (Brown): I'm quite a fan of dolly wink eye products, since not only does it have the cutest packaging - they work really, really well. I absolutely love the dolly wink pencil liner in black (it's the only one I use for my waterline) so when I saw they had brown in stock, I just had to purchase it.

It glides on very smoothly, doesn't tug, and it's very pigmented - a definite HG.

Mac Fluidline: I've heard a lot of good things about this eye liner (since I struggle finding an eyeliner that will stay on my oily, monolid eyes). This is actually my first MAC product, since they're so unreasonably overpriced and hard to find here in Australia. Sasa was out of the black, so I decided on the brown -since I don't have any brown eye liners.

I also chose the brown since I read in a review that it actually comes out quite dark. This was actually a little random purchase of mine, since I originally didn't intend to buy it. ^_^

Dolly Wink Eye Lash Fix: I was running out of eyelash glue, so I decided on the Dolly Wink since I've had good purchases from the company so far. We'll see how this goes, along with the MAC Gel Liner.

LED Mirror: I thought this mirror was just so cute, since it's leopard print as well. I redeemed it using my bonus points on Sasa (since they were going to expire). But the best thing about it is that it has LED lights (they're the little dots on the top mirror).

I just thought it was very cool, and a pretty nice free gift.

From Left to Right: My Beauty Diary: Strawberry Amino Acid Cleanser, Juju Aquamoist Vitamin C Cream (50g), Juju Aquamoist Vitamin C Toner (180mL), Cosline Tomato Fresh Pack (170ml)

My Beauty Diary Cleanser: I love My Beauty Diary sheet masks, and the packaging was just adorable for this cleanser - so I decided to try it. It's supposedly very gentle for the skin (which I like), and reminds me of an ice cream tub. Also anything with strawberries in it automatically wins me over ^_^

Juju Aquamoist Vitamin C Cream: I've used the aloe vera toner/moisturiser in the Aquamoist line before, and I absolutely loved them. They were just so moisturising, and perfect for my normal-dry skin. After hearing rave reviews about this, I decided to pick some up for myself.

Juju Aquamoist Vitamin C Toner: I was in need of a new toner, since my Biore Triple Action Toner dried out my skin so badly (I will be posting a review of this soon). I tried this out the other day and it feels quite moisturising, but I can't really give a full review yet :)

Cosline Tomato Pack: I've actually been waiting for this product to come in stock since forever ago (because of all the positive reviews). I absolutely love facial masks (more than any other beauty product) and this was definitely a great substitute for my natural tomato mask. It's pretty messy/tiring to constantly be chopping/mashing up tomatos.

I used this the other day, and I have to say it really lived up to my expectations. My skin looked brighter, and felt so much softer - definitely a great product!

Essential: Ultra Honey & Shea Butter Hair Mask "Nuance Airy" 

Essential Hair Mask: I decided to pick up this litte baby since I've tried their other hair mask (the orange one) and absolutely loved it! It is the most amazing hair product ever, especially for my super dyed/damaged hair. I'm running quite low on my other one, so I decided to give this a try.

It's pink, and very cute - so I'm quite excited to try this out ^_^

That concludes my Sasa Haul, and I ended up buying so much more products than I originally intended ^_^" I hope that you guys enjoy, and I'll probably be posting more of these in future. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will be reviewing all of these products separately some time in the future, and will get round to them eventually. I just want to use them a little longer to get the "gist" of it. 


  1. Hi! Could you update on how you find the Juju Aquamoist products so far? ^^ Also, what's your skin type?

    1. I'm writing the review as we speak, and will link it when I'm done ^_^ I have normal/dry skin.

    2. Review is up!